How to Be good and modern parents


The day when you become a parent is the most fortunate, rewarding, and beautiful experience of your life. After becoming a parent, the biggest thing is to become a good parent. so your duty never ends no matter what so ever your children stage.

How to raise the child?


In this modern age, most peoples are engaged in the desire for money and power. People have become so busy in their modern life. So, they are unable to pay attention to their children in the same way as in the past people used to give.

nowadays there is a mushrooming of technology, people have mobiles, laptops in their hands and they are busy with work.

Children also do not want to go out for a play, instead, they want to spend more time on digital media like playing games on the phone and watching T.V. This is the reason that children’s physical development is not very good.

In today’s modern era parents are more concerned about making their own careers and due to this, they are not capable to spend enough time with their children.

This gives the freedom to the children whatever they want, they can do without any interfering, and that increases the probability to lead the children to go on the wrong path.

Children should not be treated harshly, they should be understood very carefully and with patience. so, the role of a parent is the most important. your patience and education can change their life and it will help to make the future of children. this is your precious thing. Nothing is bigger than children.

so, I am going to tell you about important parental tips in these modern times for the good handling and carrying of the children. Which is helpful for raising your kids easily.


The most important thing is that we provide such a nutritious and positive environment for the children. So that they can feel and develop into an independent, successful, confident human being. Will have to teach what is good and what is bad. At the same time, they should be excited, healthy, and independent.

So, let’s know about modern parental tips… What are the instructions that can help you become a good parent.

1. Keep your children with you.

Triguna Sundari
Triguna Sundari

Many parents leave their children with a neighbor or relative because of their work. If you do not keep a chain of gold and any expensive item in the house of a neighbor, how can you leave your child with anyone for a while? Is it cheaper than that?

it is wrong, that you must keep them as secure as a jeweler keeps their valuables. With a lot of security.

I am not saying that you imprison your children. I mean to say that in a secure place where they are completely safe and you are fully aware of it, you must check it before trusting anyone. you should properly check or verify the organization or caretaker where you keep your children. In this way, you can keep your kids safe.

Children can suffer due to your negligence… You must understand where your children feel happier. Do not leave them alone until they learn to tell their own things.

2. Loving and caressing children

Love Your Kids

A hug full of love-filled touch and care is enough to tell your kids exactly how valuable they are to you. Embracing and lovingly embracing their children also calms their minds and gives good attention to the words of the parents.

No matter how annoyed you are, tell them every day how much you love them. Embrace them with love and kiss. Make them familiar with love and affection from their birth.

Tell them that whatever happens, your love will never diminish towards them. A hug full of love-filled touch and care is enough to tell your kids exactly how valuable they are to you.

3. Kiss your child’s forehead every morning and wake him up.

 Kiss your child's forehead every morning and wake him up.

You can also show love to your child in this way, kiss her on the forehead before raising her every morning and make her realize how nice it is to love her by looking at her face in the morning.

Your loving kiss of the child’s forehead will always remind him that my mother or my father is always with me. He opens his eyes and finds you. She will have a loving smile on her lips.

4. Do not compare your children to other children.


Avoid comparing children to others, especially siblings among themselves, by comparing children to each other, they may develop rivalries among themselves toward their siblings.

You want to nurture a love affair between your children, avoid competition. If children are at loggerheads with each other, do not favor one, but make fair and sound decisions.

Physical discipline, like hitting and spanking, tends to produce aggressive behavior in children instead of this always Hendel your children with patience. try to make him understand and convince him.

The responsibility of raising a child is not only that of the mother but also of the father, the parent should take care of their child together. Because the mother lovingly and the father can show the right path to the child with a little strictness.

5. Make time for your children

Most parents do not find time for their children because they are too busy with their work.

But you have to keep in mind that you have to take time for your child to teach him something new. If he has to make something good, then he has to spend some time every day with special attention to his child.

Keep in mind that you should not check any WhatsApp message or Facebook at that time, just focus on your child. Listen carefully to what s going on in his mind, try to know what he/she wants to do. And ask him even his small things. What he/she likes to do the most today.

You yourself will know what your children are more interested in and what they want to do. You will be friendly with talking like this every day. And will not hesitate to tell you anything about his heart. Because he will know that my parents talk to me every day. Talk openly and never take their words and do not react immediately.

Listening to him with love and lovingly answering him, take out solutions, and make most of the solutions, leave decisions on him. Leave it on him so that he will slowly strengthen himself and the power to make the right decision will start coming in him.

6. Keep Study timetable fix for children’s


Along with the physical development of children, it is very important to have mental development as well. What is going on in their school, how much they have studied, and how their study is going on, parent also have to take care of it all.

You should make a timetable which is fixed for the child who is studying, at this time, the playing time is over. At that time, sit and spend some time focusing on your child and help him in his studies.

Do homework with them. To know how the children are performing in class, go to the parent teacher meetings (PTM) to be held in the school.

Respectfully, you should have more love for your children than you fear for your rules.

7. Teach your children not to lie

Children’s mind is very soft. You should never teach your children a lie, no matter what the reason, always teach them to tell the truth. Telling the truth gives children confidence and they do not become bad in front of anyone.

To explain anything to them, give examples of good stories, tell good stories so that everything in their mind brings a positiveness.

For 5 years, children should be kept in a lot of love and much affection. After 5 years, children should be taught to remain disciplined, loved, taken care of. 14 -16-year-olds should be treated friendly.

8.Celebrate every little happiness with children

Celebrate every little happiness with children

Celebrate small joys with children, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any event that is small, you must celebrate it. To make them happy, to have their heart. So that they get to know how much their parents love them.

If you celebrate these small joys with them, then they will understand the importance of this happiness.

Make a habit of going to the playground museum or library with children, once a month, take them out for a walk and promise to feed them something good outside, so that the children will always be excited.

Take them to the grocery store or the farmer’s market and let them pick out something new they would like to try.

Decide on a home game program at home and invoke the children in it, make the activity in that way.

Once a week, the entire household members do a lot of good activity with the children together so that the children realize that today we have a play activity. and this togetherness can make happy.

In this modern time, it is very important to mold oneself according to the children. sometimes parent has to be children to keep children happy.

9. Encourage your Children

If children do wrong, then explain and tell them through their stories or through their experience. If you always raise children with fear and scolding, how can you think that they will grow up with joy and love?

They should always be encouraged right from childhood; they should keep different ways of explaining. By keeping a happy and loving environment, the child develops well.

Give them praise and encouragement for their small achievement and good work in their school. Never ignore them, listen to their things carefully.

Children should always be encouraged so that they can move forward and face everything with fearlessness.

10.Take care of your children’s diet

Take care of your children’s diet

It is very important that children eat healthy and nutritious food as well as participate in exercise and sports as their body is healthy.

Try to give them the least food outside and eat nutritious food at home. According to their taste and make different types of food and feed them every day so that they do not attract much from outside.

Milk and fruits should be included in breakfast for two times for the development of their body. Make them habit of eating fruits and eat with them themselves so that they can learn by watching you.

11.Explain the importance of sharing and caring to your children

Explain the importance of sharing and caring to your children

Your child should explain the importance of sharing and caring. To understand and explain one’s feelings. Teach your things to be shared.

Those children can learn from childhood if you bring them the feeling of sharing and caring. Teach them to share their toys, their food, and drink.

Teach them respect for old people, obey orders of older people, and to love for younger children.

This type of education given in childhood teaches them to become self-reliant when they grow up, bring them to confidence and win the heart others.

12. Educate the child to become self-sufficient.


Tell your children that it is not a bad thing to be separated and that it is not always appropriate to walk by the herd.

Tell them the difference between right and wrong from childhood, so that they will be able to take decisions of their own. Instead of listening to others

When your children are older enough to make their own decisions, encourage them to make these choices themselves.

Paying too much attention is always spoil the kids. Let children make mistakes, and learn from their mistake.that will help to make more independent. Under the parents, supervision allows the kids to do the activities in their won way…

Children need to know that they have to suffer the consequences (good or bad) of their own actions. By doing this they will be able to become good decision-makers and troubleshooters which will prepare them for an independent and adult life.

Do not judge children’s friends. This will make your children feel that you dislike their friends. Always be open to the child’s friends. Try to make the social behavior of your children even.

13. Teach your children good Qualities.


Children should learn the habit of apologizing if they have made a mistake and try that if you have made a mistake, then you should also accept the mistake from your children, apologize. Educates the kids the basic abdicated

So that they learn that we too should apologize, and it is a very good thing that bowing down is not a wrong thing. The ripe fruit trees are always bent and which in themselves also increase the importance of human beings.

Should take small help from kids. The sooner they learn to help you, the further they will be ready. Access pampering and ignoring the mistake also will be harmful to kids.

They should get into the habit of reading the book. They should tell about the great men. Since childhood, they should recite mythology so that they can understand their culture.

14. Allow children to experience their own life


You should not take every decision of their life; they should come to live with the results of the elections they have made. After all, they will have to learn to decide for themselves.

Children should be allowed to make small mistakes in their life so that they can learn by mistake. Life is a very good teacher. She teaches very well until you refuse. She will not learn that thing, but she will learn from her result. So, if he learns from a small example, then let him make small mistakes.

You have to keep an eye on your child always, whether he does wrong or correct it. If he is doing wrong and he is doing more wrong, then it is important to speak at that time. It is important to get him on the right path.

15. Do not put the burden of paragraph expectations on your children.

You do not have to force your children to come first in class or to come first in a game, but to motivate them to be a good study and co-worker. Give them an opportunity to try according to their ability.

You do not want your children to panic away from you and away from you. You have to be an encouragement in their life, not a dictator. You leave the will of your children to them, what they want to become in their own life.

do not impose your wishes on your children will that you have to become a doctor or an engineer. Instead of saying so, respect their wish and ask in which field your wish is. And make him realize that I am always with you, but you have to see success in your life, it is up to you. Every parent wants to see your child succeed.

Encourage introspection in your children through your life examples. Love your desires but keep your children’s needs universal.

Do not neglect your children for their ambitions. Keep an eye on your childhood again and again. Do not repeat the mistake your parent made.

This will avoid making the same mistake for generations. Parents of every generation should learn from new successes and new mistakes.

Praise them with positive sentences whenever they do something good, instead of always punishing them. And never hurt them physically.

16. Parental duty never ends

Parental duty never ends

The parents’ duty does not end with just the children growing up. You have to handle this role throughout your life.

But remember that the decisions that children make when they grow up are with their own consequences. Do not be afraid of the responsibility of the Parent. Give your best, be their friend but never forget that you are their parent, Not an ally.

As you may feel, now your work of putting your children in the structure of life is complete, but it is not so. Your duty as a parent will last a lifetime and at every step, they will continue to need your same love, affection, and love.

Parents are born with birth but are not partners of karma. So, always teach children to do karma so that they can live their life well even after you are not there.

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