The Supreme Power or Supernatural power -Maa Serweswari

Aadishakti sarweswari.

What is supernatural power


This supreme /supernatural power is not worshiped with incense, lamp, fruits, flower, and offerings, etc. because these are material things and power is not a deity to be weighed with any things. You can’t be taken from it according to its criteria. It’s something that remains as the energy between us and you, which we see and believe in many forms.

Friends, we will try to understand that great supreme power until we have the best of our sacred thoughts, pious feelings, and pious conduct. We have to be very humble and patient to understand it, otherwise, we will be deprived of understanding it.

The supernatural /supreme power, we are contemplating is not any other external object. He is between us. We may not recognise its true form, or what is right. Do not understand what his right worship is.

who is supreme/supernatural power?


Mother Goddess Bhagwati is a supreme power who is believed and worshipped in different forms everywhere, she sits in every particle of this earth. Whom we know in different names and forms

The initial and original form of supernatural /supreme power is Sarveshwari. By whose grace everything is accessible. Sarveshwari is a supernatural force whose existence exists everywhere and in every particle. This Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati whom we worship are Trideva powers. Shiva is also embedded in Shakti. Shiva without power is also like a corpse.

Nothing in the world is beyond the supernatural /supreme power every work of the world is done by power. All beings in the world are symbols of power. Because the power is contained in it, they don’t recognize. We probably do not recognize his true form or do not understand what is right and what is his right worship.

Supernatural /supreme power is called an elf (yogini)when power is attained, a man also attains the rank of an elf. To understand it is necessary for every human being to practice the accumulation of power in itself.

The life of a human is like a wet cloth. Just as a wet cloth is spread in the sun, they put clips or bricks, etc. on it so that the cloth does not fly, just as it is absolutely necessary to keep the power of bricks or clips in human life also, otherwise, our life Will fly like a wet cloth.

here the brick and clip is the supernatural power that keeps your wet clothes safe, just like sarveshvari which is in all human beings, she safely hold us all the time, we just need to understand that

Maa Bhagwati is an organization. The powers of all the gods are embodied in Mother Bhavani.

How to try to understand and practice supreme power/supernatural power?

If you want to understand the supreme power/supernatural power, then you have to keep yourself steady and think and meditate on it.

Supernatural /supreme power, that is the form of Bhagwati, as many of the powers have the same power in form. Which, due to different types of countries, time, characters, they are considered different but not so, it is the same power.

She is seen in various places as Brahma in the form of Brahma, as Vishnu in place of Vishnu, like Brahma in place of Shiva as Shiva.

In this way, in different places of great men and sages, he treats others, as his thought or as his routine, as his behavior is considered favorable and ideal in time. Their behavior starts to suit that too. She is the same goddess, the same Aadishakti sarweswari.

This is the same spiritual power, you should try to understand with your solid intellect. Even if it is not, try to understand it in different forms. One should try to get to know them in some form or the other. And this effort is our worship, prayer, worship, and our unwavering faith. In the absence of which we lose a lot, a lot.

It should always be thought that if we have been getting food cloth water since time immemorial, then it is the grace of the same mother, it is her mercy. And otherwise many human beings are deprived of it.

I would request to Maa Shakti that if we have been getting food, cloth, water since time immemorial, then it is the grace of the same mother, it is her mercy. And otherwise many human beings are deprived of it.


Should pray to Maa Bhagwati

We will have to worship that Maa Bhagwati, to know it with emotion, and to see it with emotion, where there will be a lack of emotion, she will not be there. Whatever you offer with your emotion and faith, she accepts it.

Trust is the power that makes you realize the spiritual power hidden within you. Faith is the key that opens the supreme power realms within you.

We should have respect for that spiritual supreme power/supernatural power of our mother, have affection, and serve her. We must repeatedly plead with Bhagwati Ambika to keep our faith, our faith, and keep us stable and fickle.

We should pray to that Maa Bhagwati, Mother Sarveshwari, that O Bhagwati! I do not ask you for anything else in this life, make us so completely that we do not lack any kind, and if we do not lack, we will not plead with you.

When grief and anguish arise in our body, then no one else is seen in the darkness, except the supernatural mother.

The same, whether it is the mother of the earth, the earth itself, whether it is the mother of the sky, whether it is the mother of directions, and whether it is our mother in the form of ah. Life goes on with the help of the same hope, here Mother means supreme power.

In the form of Para Prakriti Maa Sarveshwari, she has three expressions (daughter, wife, and mother) of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati.

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